Saturday, 7 May 2011

Me My Life is completely mine

Me My Life is completely mine
But alone it’s never going to be Shine

M e my dreams are mine
But without thought they cannot be fine.
This is me Zest full, Crazy for others
But cannot be the same for my whole life further

Every Minute of mine is thoughtful
Every Step of mine is calculative
But still mistakes are my best friend

I think of myself what is wrong in it .
But when I think of others I am totally into it
I am not answerable to my own self
So how can I be an Einstein?  

Yes I am a girl
And I proud to be the one .
But I don’t want to hide myself in the Shed of GENDER

I can breath, I can Smile, I can speak, I can cry because I am a living individual.
I will breathe coz I want to live my life fullest.
I will smile cause I want to see others smiling with me
I will speak for myself but for others too.
I will Cry for my own self because I m a selfish person.

Me My Life is completely Mine
But Alone its never going to be Shine

I love others, but I hate people too.
But hating someone is very difficult, and it’s very true
I want people to love me in the way I do
But never succeeded, I am looser here too

Falling in love is very easy for an individual.
But following that love is equally difficult and virtual.

Yes people Come to my life, but for a minute or so.
I want someone in my life who can support me and can help me to grow.
Don’t think I am a dependent person like the one who can never grow.
But I loved to be the one for one who can fall in love with me like water flow.

I don’t believe in faces, I treat them as a mask.
But heart of a person is secured which can never be polluted and asked.
I am honest to others, but not for my own self.
Because I know, if I am honest to myself, then I cannot be same for others.

My Heart is like a search engine. Created by GOD, But not by Google .
It helps me to find out people of my frequency, who love to wear goggles
I think I am an all rounder, like sachin.
Because I am short and very short tempered person .
Please don’t scare of me, because I am not a director of any “Scary Movie”.

I am in search of the one of my type.
Who is computer savvy and can type.

Now come to something which is my life.
I can live without food but cannot live without music who ripe.
Dancing is my hobby,
But never danced whenever I was in lobby .

Few words are very common in my life,
Friend, friendship, Friendly which can never be rives.

Me My Life is completely mine
But alone it’s never going to be Shine


  1. Lovely Ekta, tum itna achchaa likhti hoo malum nahi tha.
    Keep posting. :)

  2. Quite impressive blogs !!! agreed ki hating someone is not easy too.....