Saturday, 7 May 2011

I still remember you

I still remember you, but you don’t

I still remember you, but you don’t.
I always keep you in my mind, but you won’t.

I can still see you in my dreams; I don’t need my eyes to do so.
But you will never come back, this is what my heart feel so.

I will always remember the words I have shared with you.
But wanted the same that you will remember mine, not all but few.

I still have that light of hope in me.
But I know it was always me not we.

No Doubt I will move forward with new days in my life.
But my past was you, with whom I have seen myself as me and alive.

I still remember the time, when I used to talk to you without speaking
a single word.
And you always used to understand the meaning of my single unsaid words.

I was in that impression that I will make you mine one day.
But I was wrong, because I know we were on different way.

I am not wrong if I say that I have seen that vibe from you.
But it was more from me and very few from you.

I used to wake up in the morning, in the hope that will see you
somewhere on the way.
But now I don’t because I know now I can see you only in my dreams as
you are so away.

I used to start my day, doing some chit chat with you.
But now I don’t sit on my seat as I know .will never read you again
saying, how are you?

You hardly used to look into my eyes.
What was the fear, that u couldn’t able to hide?

I don’t know, how do I remember that unspoken words from you?
I think it’s not my brain it’s my heart who understands the few.


  1. does not matter someone remembers or not... but still you do the way you feel.... no harm here but haan take good care of yourself which is needed....